Monday, 28 March 2016

28th of March, 2016: Family times at my castle

28th of March, 2016: We had some family times at my castle. Tien did a huge job decorating my garden and beach/sea. We took a picture to celebrate. (Michi took a really cool one but I am just showing my own snaps here). Bit of a hassle to get everyone posed right, thanks to SL lagsing. But in good company, everything ish better. Big thanks to Cadda, Lala, Tien, Michi and Adri.
After the boys and Cadda left, and while Adri was relogging, I took a picture of me and Lala.
Then I sneaksed one of Adri. She was looksing very lovely.

Earlier in the day I took a sneaksy picsture of Michi and Tien. Do not ask me wot Tien ish doing wif his tail.
Minie wanted a peek of the fancy underseas, too. The underwater pics are not so fanceh because Michi was taking a really cool planned family picture, and I was just taking snaps before people ran off the frame on me. You can see Michi in da background of this one, too.

PS. This is a private home so I will not put a LM up, but I can show you sometime.

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  1. =) yay ! thanks for lettin me loose in your gardens n water stuffs