Sunday, 13 March 2016

13th of March, 2016 family times

13th of March, 2016 family times

Michi and Tien came for a visit and we decided to go see my Uncle Badger at Amarantha for a bit. They got to meet my Kali sis as well. It was fun, but the jokes were horrible.

Then I took the guys shopping at Jian and we saw the tiny bears Maymay and Morton.

Finally Lala came home and we got to spend some time with her!

Uncle Tomais took us flying at New Horizons Airport & Marina. Dene was co-pilot. Michi and me were in the middle and the naughty Smiths Kahvy and Garrett were in the back. Tien and Lala waited at the hangar. The office looked really cool, Uncle Dru had decorated it for Tomais.

 We  visited the house Dene was working on. And Kahvy gave me an idea..

After a long day Lala and me had some relaxing times in my garden.