Saturday, 27 February 2016

Incakenito fox innocently snoopsing

I got sent these pictures by someone else, this is totally not me. Uhhuh. Anyway someone was innocently snoopsing I mean looking around Shire and then well all kinds of silly things happened. You may have seen me blog about The New Raglan Shire Build, so here is something about the other sims, that will stay the same. So wanna play Where's Odlaw? (Outfit by Clover of Totally Tinies and waffa board by Kimly of The Orange Fox, both SWAG this weekend).

Oki so you might say how many girl foxes have mustaches but really it probably complete coincidence that this incakenito person happened by a nice vendor full of cool mustaches buying a whole set, and was wearing one as pawt of her outfit. So where ish Odlaw? Hint, this is in Raglan Commons.

Also the owner should make dinkie versions of that panda chair series, because I know like ten people who would buy them right away! Hint hint Suzume Zuki if you read this ;).

I found art! I was being completely good girl and only bought 3 drawings.. I mean for an art addict that was pretty good, right. Did I say me? I mean the incakenito person.

I got the latest Shire gossip from this sheep but she did not want to buy waffles.

So complete coincidence too that this incakenito fox is also an art addict. This cool castle-treehouse has it on the land info that there is going to be a gallery here. Oooh. And they have a fancy dance floor! Has you been there?

Sugarhigh? Well this tower must be made of syrup.

I found doggies who spoke Finnish!

Yellow and purkle! And a cool tower! And huge! Oh and I found a gem. Can you tell where we are now?

I am so full of waffles, someone needs to buy some soon! I took a nap at this location, where it seemed every other rug was in 80 shades of pink. Any guesses whose store it was?

It was time for Wanna Make a Deal and it just so happened, incakenito foxes may have sneaked in. The bears and the mole suspect nuffin. I say nuffin!

Kayak the kameraotter was looking extra fancy in his afro and purkle beads.

Someone wearing a nice kilt totally should be allowed to play!

Wielo looking at the tinies, who are trying to look innocent and like they did not scream super loud comments at contestants. They fail at innocent. But they win at cutes.

Disco-Apollo looking for prey, I mean winners for ten lindens

Songbird! Tweet tweet!
I think she looks like Katherine Hepburn in that African Queen movie, with the giraffe on the background and her fancy outfit.

The mole was suspiciously taking pictures the whole time. Maybe it was her who sent the snoop pictures?

I think Jill is trying to affect the game with her wizarding magics.

Peaches looking pawfeshunal in her host duties.

This bopcat has woot in his paws, he made so many flips.

Miss Longtail had a moment to relax between busy tour schedule and her artsings and fashunings.

Hey bear! You need to take the box! No keep the door! No try the wootcase!

Morton demands silence and fails, tinies are never quiet!

Morton listens to wot he has won.

Huge Gator!


Kayak works really hard to make this a great show even for the home pawdience.

There he goes again. I think Morton tickled the bobcat.

Peaches takes a well deserved break in the Zonk ool

People look up excitedly, what is in the little box?

The studio looks pawfeshunal and is up to date with modern technology

Maymay is thrilled to get to play again

And she wins for everyone!

We got a cool hunting cabin by Wielo!

And Maymay won money!

Maymay happily joins the contestant row.

Puppies in yammies, need I say more?

Umiko is carefully making the choice of box or door.

The Wanna Make a Deal Giraffe calmly noms grass while the pawdience goes crazy for the game.

Messages from the sponsors

Daisy and Kayak have a disco break

Revvy wins money!

The contestant row is getting full.

Squeeze the cookie!

Incakenito fox gets to play! She wins 25L$!

Lone fox in the empty side of contestant row.

Umiko and Revvy keep their money instead of Big Deal.

Big Deal!

We did not win the giraffe. But Maymay won money!

And bobcat won money!

Incakenito fox won money, too!

And Morton got zonked! He got the Zonk ool!

The show is over, thank you Peaches and Apollo!

Riverdance and happy hopsing

Then it was time to see some biggies. It was complete coincidence still that these biggies are friends of Pieni the cake fox. Uhhuuh.
Dancing with Dale, Pantera, Michi and Sig.

Fanceh mustache!

Tien and Cobey dance with incakenito fox



Pawtee! This dance keeps the biggies in shape.

DJ Michi makes us all wanna wiggle to da musics

The incakenito fox is a huge fan of Terry Pratchett and had to get the Tourist camera soon as Swee of CABS released it.

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