Friday, 12 February 2016

12th of February: Pie's rezzday.

We had Rainbow Tinies pawtee today, with some rezzday fun. Click here for pictures. I was so happy to see so many people there! Thank you!

Minie took me shopping before the pawtee. She ish so generous and loving. We also met up with Butter, but I was so busy shopping, I forgot to take another picture. Shocking, Pie not taking spy pictures! I know! But she came with us to the pawtee, which was nice. Butter ish such a good bunneh.

After Rainbow Tinies Lala took the guys shopping and I went to play Skippo with Minie.
 We met up again and I invited everyone at my place.
 Lala got a new outfit from Kamasa, while she bought Pie two.
 Pie was showing off her fancy mermaid outfit she got with money from Tien.
 Everyone posed for a picture but it was a bit tricky to get it right.
 Ok stay still, no moving!
 Pie and Lala love these guys.
 It was nice hanging out with Dene (left) and Gwen (right) for the first time.
Michie (left) wanted to know, where Tien (middle) got his new clothes. Gwen was thinking we all were silly.

Lala looked cute while Pie was putting on new outfit from Butter, made by isaura.

PS. Needed to add these two because I went to DJ Alex's set at Raglan Shire and Monty was there tah request song for me. And I get to show off the hat Peaches gave me and The Orange Fox outfit I just got for swag.

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